May 22 2013

Rokkor lenses on the Canon 5D

The other day I stumbled upon my old Minolta film camera and lenses. I was no professional photographer by any means, but a keen amateur, and I remember the joy of discovering prime lenses and walking around Montmartre, Paris shooting black and white scenes trying to pretend I was Robert Doisneau. I’d develop contact sheet after contact sheet but I’d usually be disappointed with the results !

Rokkor Lenses and the Canon 5D mk 2I’d even start keeping notes so I would remember the settings (shot no:17 Ilford fp5, 100ISO, f2,8, 35mm 1/200 cloudy day etc), and started getting good results, but the would still be ‘dark room disappointments’. So I initially welcomed the move to digital cameras, at least you could see what you were doing and learn faster! The Minolta camera got put away in box…. until the other day. So what about all those fantastic Rokkor prime lenses? Are they now worthless?

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Sep 1 2012

Alex Hutton – Legentis Album promo film by Dom Hutton.

Check out the promo film for my twin brother’s new album: Legentis

Filmed live at The Forge, (one of London’s top Jazz venues), and Big & Yellow studio in Paris, Alex Hutton talks about his third album “Legentis”, the new band line up, guest musicians and his musical inspirations.

Jan 10 2012

Soundtrack for first European short film on CANON C300 by Dom Hutton

OUT OF TUNES from Sebastien Devaud on Vimeo.

Soundtrack by Dom Hutton – Created and Recorded at Big & Yellow Studios.

This is how it happened….

When French film director and also good friend SEBASTIEN DEVAUD, contacted me to “help him out with some music” for a film he’d just shot to promote the release of the new CANON C300, I knew straight away it would be a fantastic challenge.

A Bit of background

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Jul 4 2011

Welcome to Big & Yellow’s new website

Well how about that – Big & Yellow is now in its 3rd year.

In 2011 we have continued to expand our scope of creative projects ; from corporate shoots and promos,  sporting event interviews, live concert filming,  and film score recording projects. As we’re based in Paris and have access to bilingual crews/directors, the interest from overseas production companies has grown.

This brand new website illustrates the scope of activities this last year.


Big & Yellow also now boasts its own project studio in the  “Gobbelin”  district of Paris. Check out the studio page for info & photos.


whatever the Mayan calendar says ,

all the best for 2012.

Dom Hutton

(Big & Yellow Founder)