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Interview with Sting.

With the release of his new album “The Last Ship”, Sting was in Paris this week doing promo with the press and TV. My good buddy Thierry Teston who’s co-directing France Television’s new musical programme “Alcaline” was doing the interview and (obviously) brought me along to meet him. (Well actually he brought me along to record the audio. My job infact..).


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Tinkering in Trinidad

phase 2 panyard at dusk I just got back from a grueling 2 week shoot in Trinidad, for a film about the history of the steel drum.

As the Production Sound Mixer for the film, we spent the days recording scenes for the film, and most evenings were spent recording a 120 piece steel drum orchestra as they rehearsed for “Panorama”,  the annual Trinidad steel band competition.   I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a Trinidad “Pan yard”. Probably not, its not a place most people dare to venture.


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“Songwriter” night at the Paris Poppins

L’idée est de créer une soirée pour réunir des musiciens – chanteurs- auteurs (Singer /Songwriters) dans une salle Parisienne sympa.

Une collaboration avec Yasmin Shah, on a décidé de créer cet événement au Paris Poppins a Belleville, avec sa petite scène en sou sol.

Soiree Cart Blance Paris Poppins

Une sorte de soirée Carte Blanche. Nous inviterons différentes musiciens /chanteurs a chaque fois : des artistes confirmés qui ont chacun(e) une identité propre.. Les artistes pop/rock/folk/essentiallement anglophone mais aussi francais !  La seule condition qu’on a imposé sur nos invitées -

Uniquement les compositions originales – Pas de reprises!


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Soirée Carte Blanche au Paris Poppins

Soiree Cart Blance Paris Poppins




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Back from the cold

Back from the cold

After spending Christmas and New Year in Canada, (Somewhere called Penetanguishine, to be exact!) I was getting use to the cold.

Undeterred, I borrowed a beat up strat from the little town’s only guitar store, (thanks Steve) so I could work on some new songs by a roaring fire and a glass of wine. Kind of sort of not so productive as it turns out, but the wine was good.

Anyway its good to be back and kicking off 2013 with my regular gig at the Village Bar, (Paris 5ieme) next Tuesday 15 Jan. Details on the flyer.


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Meet some old friends

Ah the simple pleasures in life. Whatever manufacturers try to make, or whatever life-changing gadget is considered a “must-have”: from some web site;   its comforting to realize that these 2 things were made a long time ago by 2 very clever chaps.  In the early 50′s Leo Fender made a Telecaster and in the early 60′s Dick Denney designed the VoxAC30Top Boost Amp.

Its funny – I remember as a guitarist growing up there was a time in the 80′s and even 90′s when we all snubbed old gear for new modern stuff. How wrong we were!

Old guitar amps like this old Vox AC30 have valves inside them which are like little bottles that glow and get warm because they have magic inside.

So come along to the gig tonight and if you promise to be careful, I’ll let you carry the amp back to the car!!!

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Dom Hutton Live at the Village Bar


Back to the Village

Ok I’m doing it again at the Village Bar (or Bar Village). This will be the last one before the new year. So if I don’t see you on the 11th , to quote a Richard Ashcroft song: “I’ll see you on the Other side”.

Acoustic and Unplugged bla bla bla.

Ok It says Acoustic and Unplugged bla bla bla. But honestly, its not unplugged, atall. The guitar plugs in to an amp even “acoustic” ones. And if tuesday night is anything like last week, the amp will be turned up quite a bit. And we all know that a vintage VOX AC30 can turn up quite a lot in fact.

Might switch out the cosy Martin Acoustic for a Fender Telecaster too, so when I say “Acoustic Unplugged”… that’s just for the first few songs!!!  Somewhere into my second drink I’ll be picking up the Telecaster. (which if you don’t know is very Electric and not at all Acoustic.)

But lets call it “unplugged”.  Cos its a nice word.

So… you coming?

PS. Last concert before Nibiru gets here, so don’t miss it.

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Live at “Le Village”


Unplugged Acoustic concert.

In preparation to the new album…(!) I will be playing a series of acoustic concerts in a cosy setting in the Pantheon area of Paris (5th). Just me and my guitar. Some new songs, some old, and the rest have been pretty much begged, borrowed and stolen from artists I admire.


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Rehearsal Time with Alex for our concert in memory of Dad.

My twin bother Alex came over to Paris for a few days so we could rehearse some of the songs we’ll be playing together at Saturday’s concert.

For those who don’t know Alex. He is a fantastic pianist and composer. His background and schooling is mainly contemporary Jazz although his recent (third) album “The Legentis Script” has filmscore music undertones and english folk influences. Our different musical universes have meant that we haven’t often played together, but it seems that our creative paths seems to join more and more of late as our musical worlds overlap. Check out his website here.

We just finished a couple of days rehearsal at the Big & Yellow studio in Paris, to work out some new songs and also some old ones. Some of Alex’s regular musicians will be joining us on the night of the gig (Top London musicians Mark Rose on Bass and Chris Nichols on Drums). So it will be a very special  event.


Our Dad, Graham Hutton, passed away last February after a long battle with Parkinsons. Today would have been his 79th birthday.

Beauchief Hall

Dad was a long time member of the De La Salle club, which was and still is situated at the beautiful and apparently haunted Beauchief Hall. (Sheffield, England). We all have fond memories of going to “the Club” as we were growing up, exploring the old hall and the surrounding grounds and generally getting upto no good. So it is sort of fitting that our concert to celebrate his memory will be played there.


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Dom Hutton on HUMBLE and FRED show

Dom Hutton was today’s guest on the HUMBLE AND FRED radio show podcast.
Based in the Toronto area (Canada), the Humble and Fred daily radio podcast is recorded in beautiful downtown Etobicoke, a town known for its constant sunshine and state distributed free alcohol.

“Humble” Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson have become huge radio personalities with Wikipedia pages to prove it. Their podcast boasts downloads in the hundreds of thousands, each and every day.

click on for the complete show podcast (10th August 2012) and more info with the latest podcasts.

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